An HD Picture of Your Customer Experience

What gets measured gets accomplished.

There is a lot of focus on customer reviews and social media posts today. In fact, many businesses are almost completely reliant on online reviews and star ratings as the measure of their reputation. They often believe that these customer reviews are all searchers need to get a complete picture of their offerings and experiences.

But even in the Digital Age, these methods for gathering, sharing, and responding to word of mouth don’t really tell the whole story. There is some information that can only be collected using first-hand data collection methods. That’s why Mystery Shopping is a necessary tool for any business serious about reputation. It provides a unique view of the experience from a customer’s point of view, allowing you to assess the experience against your standards and expectations – are you measuring up?

Mystery Shopping provides you with quality control for the customer experience. We use trained mystery shoppers to look at the entire customer journey and guest experience from an objective standpoint based on your standards and expectations. This provides you with visibility into your customer’s experience that can uncover things like roadblocks to customer satisfaction, the effectiveness of training programs, and how well marketing programs are being discussed with customers.

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Who Does It

Mystery shopping is used by a wide variety of businesses ranging from single-location companies to national brands.

Any business that involves whose staff interacts with their customers can benefit from a mystery shopping program.

Why do they do it

As a business owner, you know that nothing is more important than finding the things that make your regular customers happy while also hearing from — and responding to — unhappy customers. Secret shoppers can be the key to getting an accurate picture of how you’re living up to customer expectations. Our mystery shopping services give you honest feedback and a true picture of how your ideal customer is likely to experience what you offer.

How does it benefit you?

Sentry Insights offers several ways to review your quality of service and to determine whether you are truly meeting the needs of your current customers. Are you offering the amazing customer experiences you believe you provide every day in every interaction? Are there things you could be doing better in your customer retention efforts?

How Mystery Shopping Helps Your Business

Creates A Quality Control System For Customer Service

  • Provides a system for measuring customer service execution based on your standards
  • Reinforces behaviors that have the greatest impact on the success of your brand
  • Acknowledges star performers and provides a coaching tool when performance does not meet expectations
  • Provides A Counterbalance For Social Media Feedback

    • Delivers insight based on actual performance without opinion or emotion
    • Allows you to compare feedback based on sentiment with unbiased insight based on your standards
    • Complements feedback based on sentiment with a measure of actual performance

    Analytics and Data

    • Customized scoring systems based on your criteria
    • Reports and analytics allow you to identify trends
    • Track and compare performance across business units and time

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    In-Person Mystery Shopping

    • Custom-designed programs deliver relevant performance insight
    • Measure the customer experience against your standards
    • Understand the effectiveness of your training

    Telephone Mystery Shopping

    • Measures a crucial point of contact between customers and your company
    • Programs for both automated phone systems and live calls
    • Recorded phone call programs provide an effective coaching tool

    ECommerce Mystery Shopping

    • Gain insight into your order and fulfillment process
    • Understand the customer journey and experience
    • Improve suggestive selling strategies

    Competitor Mystery Shopping

    • Gain insight into your competitors
    • Conduct pricing analysis
    • Improve suggestive selling strategies

    Other Ways We Build Word Of Mouth

    Review Generation

    • Get your customers talking about you
    • Generate buzz about your brand on social media sites
    • Make it easy for your customers to share their experience

    Reputation Management

    • Monitor reviews and social media postings across all relevant sites
    • Respond to reviews and social media posts
    • Increase engagement with your customers

    Listing Management

    • Ensure that your business’s information is consistent on all directory sites
    • Makes it easy to manage and update your information
    • Identify missing listings and listings errors

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