Managing Perception’s Impact On Reality

Across businesses and industries, growth is tied to word of mouth. The success of your business is heavily impacted by what people say about you.  This is not a new phenomenon. Word of mouth has always existed, and potential customers have always reacted to the experiences of past or current customers.

What is new is the way customer experiences are shared, and the weight that each positive review or negative comment can have on your future. Social media comments can often make or break a reputation.

Reputation Management is absolutely necessary for any business trying to compete today. It combines public relations, marketing, and search engine optimization to create a positive impression of a business or brand. 

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Social media platforms are the modern public square and reviewers want to let others in on their happiness when a business exceeds their expectations. They also care about saving others from negative experiences. A thorough reputation management strategy focuses on regular, methodical engagement to impact how your business appears to both the reviewer and the potential customer reading reviews. Your positive reputation starts with a genuine commitment to letting customer feedback drive your business practices.

Add to that the fact that a single negative review on a social media site can cost 30 new customers and you start to see why it’s well worth your time and effort to consider online reputation management strategies.

Who Does It

Reputation management is used across B2C and B2B industries by companies to manage and shape the perceptions of their business.

Why do they do it

These businesses understand the impact that word-of-mouth has on Local Search Results and the benefit of curating a positive perception of their brand in their local community.

How does it benefit you?

Positive perception creates word-of-mouth buzz about your brand and drives new customers to your business.  A successful reputation management strategy becomes your long-term, low-cost, and highly effective marketing campaign that turns customers into brand evangelists and gets more people walking through your door.

How Reputation Management Helps Your Business

Control Your Reputation

  • Monitor reviews to understand customer perception
  • Quickly reply to reviews across multiple locations
  • Track the sentiment of what customers are saying about you

Engage With Your Customers Via  Social Media

  • Create, post, and schedule content across social media sites
  • Manage social media for multiple locations in one streamlined platform
  • Track user engagement with posts, hashtags, and user-generated content

Strengthen Your Brand Visibility

  • Improve review and social activity to improve your placement in Local Search Results
  • Accurate and consistent listing information makes it easy for customers to contact you
  • A low-cost, highly effective marketing plan

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Other Ways We Build Word Of Mouth

Review Generation

  • Get your customers talking about you
  • Encourage customers to post reviews and social media content
  • Create word-of-mouth buzz about your brand

Listings Management

  • Ensure NAT (Name, Address, Telephone) information is accurate and consistent on all sites in which it appears
  • Update directory information across sites from one platform

Mystery Shopping

  • Quality control for the customer experience
  • Measures performance against your standards
  • Delivers deep insights into the customer experience

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