Creating happy workplaces is our inspiration.

The members of Team Sentry come from different places. We have different backgrounds and different experiences.  This melting pot of variety is bound by the vision to help our clients create happy workplaces and inspire companies and their team to be the best version of themselves.Based on a belief that happiness is good business, our goal is to provide our clients with tools they can use to motivate their teams to be engaged team members delivering the very best in everything they do.

Dave Agius



What we are about.

While working for Ford Motor Company in 2005, David Agius saw first hand how small performance measurements could provide big payoffs for an organization.  Deciding the corporate life was no longer a good fit for him, David started Sentry Marketing to help companies and their teams transform into the best versions of themselves. With 30+ of years of experience in the restaurant, retail and automotive industry, David has developed a strong passion for helping others by implementing sustainable processes that recognize team members for outstanding performance, uncover training needs and creates a culture that inspires team members to perform at a high level. The Sentry team is driven by the desire to create long-term relationships with each of our client.   We’re bound by a commitment to being easy to work with, providing unparalleled customer service, delivering the highest quality results, and helping each client transform their business to the next level.  There’s no one more committed to helping you than the Sentry team.

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If so, you may be just who we are looking for! In addition, click here to learn more about a career with Sentry. Furthermore, are you detail oriented? Do you thrive in getting results? Consequently, ff this describes you, then The Sentry Marketing Group (SMG) wants you to join our team. Lastly, we have a variety of vital positions within our organization that fit these skill sets.Or, perhaps you’re currently working as a mystery shopper but desire a more rewarding challenge? Therefore, the training you’ve been seeking is here. Furthermore,  don’t feel like you have enough experience to take the next step? Our professional team will equip you with the necessary skills. In addition, all you need to do is dedicate yourself to learning and carrying out SMG policies and procedures.

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