Because people talking about your business is good for business

Strengthening your customer review metrics will help you win the Local Search/Local SEO battle.

What’s in it for you? More customers walking through your door!

Your company generates word-of-mouth every day. Do you have a plan to shape the narrative?

Reviews are an important part of the word-of-mouth marketing strategy for any business. Your customers will base their initial perception of your brand based on what is said about you online. Chatmeter takes the pain out of managing customer reviews by providing one location to view and respond to reviews. The platform includes a robust templating feature to allow efficient yet personal responses to your reviews.

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Your customers are talking about you. Are you listening?

Social Media Management

Reviews and online posts reveal your customers' feelings about your business. Wading through all of that information can be a daunting task. Chatmeter's Social Suite and Sentiment Analysis Engine watch over Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter as well as extract sentiment from your reviews using powerful Natural Language Processing technology.

Chatmeters delivers this invaluable information to you in an easy-to-use intuitive dashboard as well as a host of automated reports. This insight gives you visibility into how customers perceive your business and where opportunities exist to turn your customers into evangelists for your brand.

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Your customers are looking for you. Will you be found?

Local Listings Management

Did you know that more and more people are looking for local businesses by conducting "near me" searches on their mobile devices? If your business doesn't rank in the top 3 or first page of search results, you are losing traffic to your competitors.

The number of sites your listing information, (business name, address, phone number, hours, etc) appears and the extent to which it is 100% accurate significantly impacts how your business ranks in organic search results. Chatmeter's White Glove Service takes all of the pain away from managing your listings information. Chatmeter will ensure your business is included on over 50+ listing sites, monitor the accuracy of your information and safeguard your listings against unwanted changes.

The result: higher placement in search results and more people walking through your door.

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Help make your customers evangelists for your brand.

Review Generation

Did you know that 97% of consumers say that reviews influence their buying decision? Or that 95% of shoppers read reviews before making a purchase.

Reviews are beginning to have a significant impact on consumer behavior. People are not only reading reviews, but they are also paying attention to how recent reviews are and how many reviews are left for your business. A critical part of your word-of-mouth marketing strategy has to be motivating your customers to leave reviews about your business. A steady stream of reviews will provide prospective customers with a positive view of your company as well as encourage other customers to leave reviews. This type of momentum is a win-win for your company.

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Don't have time to respond to reviews?

Don't have time to post to social media sites?


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