In-Person Mystery Shopping

When your business relies on face-to-face interaction between your team and your customers, there’s no better way to measure service delivery, adherence to company policy and how well your brand standards are being executed than mystery shopping. The hospitality and service sectors, restaurant business and retail industry rely on constant feedback to provide a customer experience that keeps shoppers coming back.

Mystery shopping provides the perfect counterbalance to data from social media sources and customer reviews. Joining subjective and objective data sources paints a complete picture that provides you with the insight you need to make data-driven decisions. Sure, you may see great reviews online – and social media sites are a good place to get a snapshot of how you’re stacking up against others in your industry. But they don’t give you the whole picture. Even if you have a robust digital system in place for learning about, and responding to, customer comments and complaints, you won’t truly know where you excel — and where you could deliver more for your type of business — unless expert mystery shopper feedback is a part of your strategy.

Even in today’s increasingly digital world, some analog solutions remain the best way to collect performance data.  Mystery shopping is the most effective method to measure the quality of service being delivered by your team.

Sentry’s proven design process elevates traditional mystery shopping by focusing on the behaviors that drive your keys to success.  With industry-unique features like our Lost Revenue Snippet as well as Active Feedback and Action Plans, your mystery shopping program will keep your team focused on the Key Performance Indicators that impact customer loyalty, sales, and profit.

Each of our mystery shopping programs is created to perfectly reflect the client’s operating guidelines and culture.  This design process ensures that the data collected is specific and relevant to your company and makes your mystery shopping program a valuable tool that your team can use as a catalyst for improving performance.

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Telephone Mystery Shopping

  • Gain insight into a crucial customer touchpoint
  • Improve customer satisfaction and sales rates
  • Record and nonrecorded programs

ECommerce Mystery Shopping

  • Gain insight into your order and fulfillment process
  • Understand the customer journey and experience
  • Improve suggestive selling strategies

Competitor Mystery Shopping

  • Gain insight into your competitors
  • Conduct pricing analysis
  • Improve suggestive selling strategies

Other Ways We Build Word Of Mouth

Review Generation

  • Get your customers talking about you
  • Generate buzz about your brand on social media sites
  • Make it easy for your customers to share their experience
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Reputation Management

  • Monitor reviews and social media postings across all relevant sites
  • Respond to reviews and social media posts
  • Increase engagement with your customers
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Listing Management

  • Ensure that your business’s information is consistent on all directory sites
  • Makes it easy to manage and update your information
  • Identify missing listings and listings errors
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