Project Overview

Our client is interested in gathering insight from gas and electric utility bills from various companies. Participation is easy and requires only a few minutes each month. You will submit your utility bills each month as well as any other material you receive from your gas and/or electricity provider.

If your electricity and gas service is directly through your utility company or a provider not approved for the project, we will pay you a $15 fee per service to switch to a competitor's plan for each service, and you will be paid $15 for each monthly bill submission. Switching is easy and at no cost, if you are in a month-to-month plan, and many contract plans have no early termination fee.

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At the end of a fixed rate contract term the client will review your renewal offer and either ask you to go with the offered plan or switch to another provider/plan.

The client will provide plan options from current promotional offers they are interested in. These will be 12 months or less and when possible, at rates less than the then-current PTC (utility company's price to compare).

You would be paid the $15 fee for any requested switch along with the fee for your monthly bills. In addition to your monthly bills, you would send us the new enrollment confirmations and renewal notices you receive. If you choose a Variable rate or Intro-Variable plan, you would be in a month-to-month plan with no contract expiration, and you may be asked to switch to a different provider/plan the client is interested in tracking.

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If you are intersted in particpanting in our Energy Research Project, please click on the button below to complete the prescreening form. If you are eligible, we'l be in touch.

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