Data Driven Decisions

“Because decision by ouija board tends to lead businesses in the wrong direction.”

– Dave Agius

One of the central tenants of EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System®), and in general just a good business practice, is to manage decision by using data. This approach tends to remove bias and personal feelings from the process and leads to better outcomes for the organization.

We believe that an organization can make the best decisions when it has a full picture of its operation painted by the marrying of objective and subjective data. This approach allows organizations to quickly identify the root of an actual problem by comparing hard metrics (typically delivered with a mystery shopping program) with sentiment and opinion data (usually provided by a reputation management platform).

The challenge for many small to medium-size businesses is that access to this vital data has been out of reach due to the high cost of the platforms and services that provide it. Sentry solves this problem though by blending a servant leadership approach with a cross-trained staff, redundant processes, and the addition of the latest technologies. This creates efficiency within the company that allows us to deliver significant results at a cost that makes sense for most entrepreneurs.

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