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Lost Revenue

Is your team leaving money on the table because they don’t ask suggestive selling questions?   Our Lost Revenue Snippet puts missed opportunities front and center on your mystery shopping reports.

Remember, what gets measured gets done. Put your spotlight on suggestive selling and reap the rewards of increasing sales and profits.

Focus On Lost Opportunities

*based on a $100k in monthly revenue with an average sale of $12.

Mastering suggestive selling can change your business. A 5% improvement in the sale that makes $2.50 in profit adds up to over $1,000 per month in incremental profit*. So, how do you master suggestive selling? Based on the belief that what gets measured, gets done, creating a consistent focus on suggestive selling behaviors is one key to success.

Sentry’s Lost Revenue Snippet creates this focus by assigning a dollar amount to suggestive selling questions. When missed during the mystery shopping evaluation, these questions and their associated value are displayed front and center on the first page of your mystery shopping report.


Active Feedback

Recognizing key performance behaviors and coaching performance that doesn’t meet organizational standards is the key to improving performance.

Active Feedback puts the right message in the right place to support performance improvement.

Active Feedback delivers the right message, at the right time, every time.

One of the keys to improving performance is delivering consistent messaging. This means recognizing positive performance when it occurs as well as coaching behaviors that don’t meet your company’s expectations.

Active Feedback gives your team a valuable tool by inserting scripted messages on your mystery shopping form. This makes it easy for your managers to recognize behaviors that they want to be repeated and to coach behaviors that result in lost customer satisfaction or sales.

The scripted messages mean that your manages won’t have to hunt for the right words or company standard when reviewing shops with team members.


Action Plans

Closing the loop on performance that doesn’t meet company expectations provides strong reinforcement of messaging and focus on key performance behaviors.
Action Plans add accountability to your mystery shopping program.

Follow Up Creates Accountability

Action Plans are an integrated follow-up system that automatically create a written follow up request depending on user-defined conditions. For example, if a shop fails to meet a minimum score, an Action Plan is created and assigned to the designated person for follow up.  The designee is then required to respond in a specific timeframe.

The criteria to trigger an Action Plan is very flexible and can range from broad criteria, like overall score,  to very specific criteria, like the answer to a single question or group of questions.

Action Plans create accountability by memorializing performance issues and creating a written record.


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